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This Humorous Relationship Advice Keynote by Juliet Funt is Amusing

 - Jan 12, 2013
References: julietfunt & youtu.be
In Juliet Funt's humorous relationship advice keynote, she touches on a range of topics from gender differences in dealing with stress to work/life balance.

Juliet Funt, the daughter of Allen Funt of Candid Camera, begins her keynote by telling stories about people talking to her about her father and his television show. She admits that while the TV show was very popular and successful, she finds it odd the level of excitement it garners in these people who approach her. She says she soon realized that these people didn't necessarily miss the show itself, but they missed the communal free time it represented in their lives. To this end, she talks about finding a balance between work and life.

Funt goes on to explain how men and women deal with stress differently: men workout or have sex and women simply talk.