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This Humorous Keynote by Phil Kaye Explains the Importance of Words

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: youtube
This humorous keynote by Phil Kaye delves into the subject matter of why people end up telling stories and distinctly showcases Kaye’s inherent talent for words and poetry. Kaye explains how each one of us is constantly exchanging our own stories and narratives every single day, even when we don’t notice it.

The reason why people tell stories is not as simple as some may believe. Kaye mentions that while there are several little reasons as to why we tell stories such as for amusement, excitement or joy, the deeper meaning behind stories is to feel alive. He explains how aspects of our ordinary lives are incredibly simple and linear, where a variety of different circumstances could happen at anytime to alter those events into something different, and the vulnerability of that happening is what makes people want to tell stories.