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Alva Noe‘s Human Perception Speech Discusses People's Views

 - Jul 10, 2013
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Philosophy teacher Alva Noe discusses what people perceive and what they don’t in this human perception speech. Noe talks about the way in which people experience the world around them and how an individual can perceive something that they can’t even see. He also discusses limitations to human perception.

Noe says that if he sees a tomato, he can picture the back of it in his mind perfectly without actually turning it around. People can perceive things that they can’t necessarily see, because they’ve seen them before at one time or another. However, he also discusses the way in which people sometimes don’t notice changes occurring in front of them. As an example, he says that if he were eating fries and he turned away for a moment, he wouldn’t notice if one or two were missing.

It’s interesting to think about the way in which people’s minds work. An individual can perceive things without seeing them, but occasionally cannot perceive things happening before their eyes.