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Kalina Silverman's Human Connection Talk Outlines How to Engage People

 - Dec 30, 2016
References: makebigtalk & youtube
In her human connection talk, Kalina Silverman addresses a social problem that seems to be relatively universal.

In the speech, Silverman speaks about the loneliness she has faced in various stages of life and speaks about her eventual understanding that her loneliness always waned when she was making deeper connections with people. After making video clips about 'Big Talk,' in which she asked strangers deep questions about their lives, she realized from the international response to these videos that the loneliness she faced is a universal issue. In her speech, Silverman addresses the ways in which people can connect with one another on a deeper level – by asking them thought-provoking, open-ended questions that can be applied to any individual.

Silverman's speech encourages social interaction on a level that most people are unwilling to even attempt, and her journey may well inspire others to skip the small talk.