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Don Macdonald Delivers a Historical Leader Keynote

 - Jul 20, 2012
Artist and writer Don MacDonald attempts to repair the image of popular political philosopher Machiavelli in this Historical Leader Keynote. MacDonald states that "Machiavelli was not particularly Machiavellian." Trying to get beyond this caricature painted by popular culture, MacDonald hopes to offer people a better understanding of the important philosopher.

One of the many phrases taken from Machiavelli is that "it is much safer to be feared than loved" -- a saying that is often taken out of context. This is problematic, especially for those following this mantra, because as MacDonald explains it, Machiavelli believed the ideal leader is both feared and loved. The worst possible thing for any regime is to be hated by its people.

In this historical leader keynote, MacDonald provides a much needed perspective through true Machiavellian principle, perfect for anyone in a leadership position.