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The Hillary Clinton Commencement Speech Mentions Current Events

 - May 28, 2017
References: youtu.be
In this Hillary Clinton commencement speech, the former United States Secretary of State and unsuccessful candidate for the presidency encourages the new graduates of her alma mater, Wellesley College, to insist on truth and integrity.

The speaker explains that the most important part of overcoming her disappointment was "remembering who I am, remembering where I come from and remembering what I believe." The Hillary Clinton commencement speech draws parallels between her time graduating and impeaching Nixon with the worries of today. Making subtle and not so subtle criticisms of the current administration, the speaker declares there is an assault on truth and reason, as evidenced by the recent budget. She encourages the audience not to abandon the fundamental ideals America was founded on -- the belief people have capacity for reason and critical thinking, that free and open debate is essential for democracy -- because the fate of country and world depends on brave, thoughtful people insisting on them.