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John Sexton’s Higher Education Speech Focuses on Costs

 - Aug 1, 2013
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Professor John Sexton discusses the reasons behind rising tuition costs in America in this higher education speech. Sexton discusses the struggles faced by the middle class in terms of obtaining a higher education, the reasons why prices must go up and the potential road to change.

Sexton points out that costs of tuition must go up because America is constantly in pursuit of a more valuable education. This leads to the need for more faculty members to teach new and interesting subjects. It leads to the need for the latest technology and more books on various subjects. In order to provide people with the best educations possible, these things are necessary.

Sexton says that changing increasing tuition costs is something that politicians should be focusing on, because Americans take such pride in their high educations. If people can’t afford this kind of education, that will cease to be true.