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The Daniel Amen Healthy Brain Keynote Shows Us How to Improve Ourselves

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: amenclinics & youtube
The Daniel Amen healthy brain keynote discusses how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle since it truly determines your capacities and happiness. Your brain is involved in every move you make, from your judgments, your personality, your character and your ability to innovate. Amen compares two different brains -- a healthy one and one of an alcoholic -- to show the effects that a healthy and unhealthy brain can have on someone.

He says that when you have a healthy brain you're happier, wealthier, wiser, more creative and more innovative. When you have a unhealthy brain however, you're sadder, sicker, poorer, not as smart, you're rigid and you're inflexible. In order to avoid having an unhealthy brain, you need to avoid things like alcohol and drugs, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, environmental toxins, among others.

Amen also gives tips on how to have a healthy brain, which include things like having positive social connections in your life, continuing to learn, plenty of sleep & exercise, meditating, having gratitude towards your life, along with a few others.

Your brain has the ability to change, which means if you make good choices today or start to change your lifestyle now, your brain has the ability to become healthier and even younger.

This is an extremely interesting keynote that could literally change the way you view your lifestyle and if taken seriously, could help to ensure a healthy future.