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Harvey Mackay Discusses Maintaing an Open Mind in Sources of Knowledge

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: harveymackay & youtube
Harvey Mackay's humble, yet highly competitive edge is not easily matched in the consulting world. MacKay is a vigorous writer, having published several books exploring corporate culture, economic and business strategy. He argues that lives only change from the books they read and the people they meet. Strangers could hold the insight or perspective needed to springboard an innovative idea into reality.

The importance of people in life can often go unnoticed and unconsidered. By engaging in open-minded thought and spontaneous discussion, one can develop more dynamic and multi-functional strategies. You can find inspiration in everyone, it is just a matter of being open minded and observant.

Mackay reminds that "knowledge does not become power until it is used." Taking in wisdom and experience is beneficial, but ideas without actions are worthless.