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Harry Beckwith Discusses the Importance of Change in Branding

 - Mar 4, 2012
References: beckwithpartners & youtube
Harry Beckwith graduated from Stanford University, then went on to earn his law degree with honors. He worked for four years at a law firm before branching out into marketing. Upon entering the field, he was almost immediately promoted as creative director of Carmichael-Lynch. Beckwith then founded Beckwith Partners, a branding consultation firm. The firm boasts big name clients such as Microsoft, Merck and State Farm. Beckwith wrote the best-selling book 'Selling the Invisible,' generating global recognition.

In his presentation, Harry Beckwith discusses the immense change branding can make on customer satisfaction. The marketing angle becomes the heart and soul of any company. Business-client relations rely solely on a presumption of policies and attitude gained through marketing campaigns. Beckwith outlines the concept further using an amusing anecdote involving Rogaine test groups.