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Leyla Acaroglu's keynotes discuss the need to reevaluate environmentalism and the assumptions of...

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Leyla Acaroglu Reevaluates Activism in her Green Myths Speech

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: ecoinnovators.au & youtu.be
Leyla Acaroglu talks about the need to rethink environmentalism in her green myths speech. Acaroglu discusses the ideas and assumptions consumers take for granted when trying to make environmentally conscious decisions. She talks about people’s tendency to choose paper bags over plastic because paper biodegrades better than plastic. What those consumers don’t think about is the deforestation that happens to make paper products, or the fact that paper bags can also contribute ti greenhouse emissions if dumped improperly (into a landfill.)

Acaraglu goes on to discuss items such as electric tea kettles and refrigerators, whose designs inherently result in waste: wasted water and wasted food. Fridges have gotten so large that people buy more food to fill it, leading to up to 40% of that being thrown out because it's not used. Acaraglu brings up very important question that are often overlooked in favor of the common misconceptions and assumption consumers have about being green.