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The David Muir speech shares several observations and lessons he learned as a news reporter. The...

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The Graduation Keynote by David Muir on the Responsibility to Report Stories

 - May 30, 2015
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In his graduation keynote, David Muir encourages the new graduates at Northeastern University to remember how lucky they are. The ABC World News Tonight Anchor says not to ignore fear that follows graduation and instead embrace what comes next.

He shares some of his observations working as a reporter in the field. This includes covering Hurricane Katrina, Tehrir Square and the Arab Spring and the Syrian border and the lost generation of children refugees. The graduation keynote hammers home the point that we all have a voice and a responsibility to use it to help other people.
we all have a voice and responsibility to use it to help others. He notes the role social media plays in today's modern world and how the level of interconnectivity it allows us makes us incredibly fortunate in reporting our stories and the stories happening to those around us.