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The Global Security Keynote by James Stavridis Focuses on Collaborating

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: blog.ted & youtube
The global security keynote by James Stavridis focuses on the future of world safety through the collaboration of governments, international agencies and private and public sectors. James Stavridis is the Supreme Commander of NATO, and he is an advocate for 21st century open-source security.

James draws on times in military history when people built walls to secure their nations, but the future of global security lies in reconciliation where people work together constructing bridges. James draws on examples from Twitter and Wikipedia to describe how our world is becoming more interconnected with individuals collaborating and sharing information.

This type of strategic communication is necessary to overcome future world conflict, and solutions are found through making connections. The global security keynote by James Stavridis shows how 21st centruy security is possible if everyone comes together.