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Bill Clinton Defends Simple Solutions in This Global Aid Keynote

 - Nov 21, 2012
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In this brief global aid keynote from former President Bill Clinton at the 'Beyond Today' conference, he discusses his hopes for what he calls a global network or cooperation. He identifies the main problem as being people's commitment to making a difference. He attends dozens of conferences and summits each year at which people come up with brilliant ideas and plans, but the commitment to follow through with them is too often waning.

Clinton wants to build a global system in which sustainable and green practices become second nature and there is never a question of how to go about doing something. He sees this as the true solution because it is often what gets in the way of creating improvements today. Clinton states, "we all deplore complexity when simplicity is an alternative." In other words, Clinton's global aid keynote believes in the simple solutions that do exist.