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Tiffany Peterson's Gifts of Challenges Keynote Takes a New Approach

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: linkedin & youtube
In this gifts of challenges keynote, motivational speaker Tiffany Peterson talks about the opportunities for growth inherent in every adversity. Speaking about purpose and value Tiffany encourages her audience members by enforcing the notion that "there is only one person on this earth qualified to be you." One's dreams and ambitions are gifts which only they can present to the world.

Taking a spiritual direction with her presentation Peterson says, "your maker wouldn't put a dream in your heart that you couldn't put in your hand." When pursuing a passion it is necessary for one to encounter adversity and struggles. However, those struggles exist precisely to help one learn and come out with new, vital information that will help them realize their full potential.

Rather than becoming disheartened in the face of a challenge, it is important to remain open. Tiffany Peterson instructs her listeners to identify the adversities they are currently facing and ask "what is this hear to teach me?"