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Geoff Colvin Discusses Reasons to Revitalize Inspiration Tactics

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: geoffcolvin & youtube
Geoff Colvin is a highly ambitious journalist and widely cited thinker in the business world. He now stands as the editor in chief at Fortune magazine. He challenges the audience with the thought-provoking question, "What is the source of your operation's competitive advantage?"

The drivers of economic change realize the dynamics of inspiration. Colvin argues that the majority of companies rely on people, relationships and culture as a competitive advantage. He suggests that while these are important, they do not prove to be as a competitive advantage. Every functioning corporation pays attention to these aspects of business. Instead, Colvin advises the audience to ask of their business, "What is the core competency?" For example, Microsoft did not answer this question with the expected 'software.' Instead, they answered with 'hiring,' realizing the value of innovative minds.