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Geena Rocero's keynotes take into account her career as a model and a transgender woman. At age 21,... Need Inspiration?

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Geena Rocero's Gender Identification Keynote Empowers People to Be Free

 - Apr 1, 2014
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Geena Rocero's gender identification keynote touches on the importance of a supporting community, which will assist people during difficult times.

Rocero states that the suicide rate among transgender is nine times higher in comparison to the national average; she wants to change this and she uses her platform to share her story. Many people are put in boxes by religion, family or society; some people may have the courage to break free but many people do not. Gender identity is the core of our being. Rocero was born a boy but once she moved to America she officially changed her name and gender and went on to become a well-accomplished model.

Rocero reiterates the importance of breaking free; she felt she had a support system from her family, but many people are not so lucky. By bringing this issue to the forefront, Rocero is empowering young people to be themselves, regardless of their assigned gender. In doing so, they will be free to accomplish things they never thought possible, and live their life to the fullest.