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Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan's Gender Expectations Speech is Powerful

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: youtube
The gender expectations speech by Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan pinpoints a variety of extremely important and relevant differences in the standards we hold men and women to in the workplace. She begins her speech by identifying the consistent lack of females in leadership roles.

The bottom line of her argument is that the segregation between male and female characteristics in a work environment need to disappear. While government agencies and boards create policies to help safeguard women against biased stereotypes, Eleanor argues that real changes will only come from people changing the way they perceive the opposite gender. Companies need to do more than simply ensure they aren't breaking the rules; they need to proactively contribute to the advancement of women in leadership positions.

Her gender expectations speech is concise and to the point, painting a very clear image of far gender equality still has to go.