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Gary Lauder Explains How Roundabouts Can Result in Less Crashes

 - Jan 11, 2012
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In this speech, Gary Lauder proposes a solution for the high rates of car crashes that occur each year in the United States. After receiving a traffic ticket himself, Gary Lauder felt compelled to improve society's current traffic system. While sharing his research, he suggests that the cause of traffic accidents has nothing to do with the drivers, but with the design of the road and intersections.

Gary Lauder then argues that traffic lights should be replaced by roundabouts. He supports this statement with research, indicating that roundabouts lead to a 40% decrease in crashes, a 76% decrease in injuries and a 90% decrease in fatal crashes. Gary Lauder proposes that all traffic signs be transformed into roundabouts featuring 'Take Turns' signs. He believes that uncertainty results in caution, meaning drivers will operate their vehicles in a much more diligent manner.