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John Seely Brown's Gaming Strategy Speech Focuses on Gaming

 - Jul 5, 2013
References: johnseelybrown & youtube
John Seely Brown discusses why high level World of Warcraft players make for good hires in his gaming strategy speech. Brown talks about how a lot of the skills required to succeed in this popular game can be extremely useful in the business world.

Brown talks about how thousands of new strategic Warcraft ideas are created each day. Creativity and brain storming are qualities that most employers value so it's not hard to see how that skill applies in the world of business. Brown also discusses the fact that this is a collaborative game. Working well with others is also important in terms of business. He says that people who play Warcraft have no incentive aside from passion and interest, which pushes them to be creative and to succeed.

John Seely Brown feels that World of Warcraft experts have many skills which are applicable in terms of business.