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Dr. Dieter Zetsche's Futuristic Auto Keynote is Co-Hosted by a Robot

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: youtube
Head of luxury german auto brand Mercedes-Benz Dr. Dieter Zetsche's futuristic auto keynote unveils the company's newest car design. To help show off the new car to audience members, Zetsche had a robotic eye called Cambot join him on stage to provide guests with a better view of the car's interior and design.

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion stage reveal showcased a brand new concept car with a sleek and minimal design coupled with infused driver accessible technology. The auto comes with innovative features such as a steel wheel, a swiveling seat and video conferencing. All of the car's new design and detailed technology features were showcased through Cambot's eye camera and blown up on a massive screen behind Zetsche. While the car was featured on stage elevated from close-up view, Cambot zoomed in on the various details Zetsche was describing so that audiences could see the features in great detail as if they were standing right next to the car.