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Professor Stephen Post's Forgiveness Talk Prevents Biterness

 - Jan 20, 2015
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Professor Stephen Post's forgiveness talk takes on a realistic approach to dealing with hurt, loss and sadness. Rather than masking pain with a quick-fix five step solution that many self-help books flaunt, Post argues that forgiveness is a naturally difficult process and an act of generosity.

It's easy when going through a tough time to become resentful, spiteful and even hostile. While forgiveness isn't an overnight solution, there are many long term approaches that Post suggest can help you overcome the pain with a positive outlook. Post credits methods like letting time distance you from the act of hurt and focusing your time, love and energy on others as productive ways to see beyond your pain. "I think the key to forgiveness," says Post, "is giving it time and making sure that you’re enough focused on helping others that you just don’t get so wrapped up in yourself that you’re caught up in destructive emotions."