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Michael Archer’s Extinct Species Keynote Discusses Resurrecting Frogs

 - Jun 29, 2013
References: research.unsw.edu.au & youtu.be
Speaker Michael Archer’s extinct species keynote focuses on the idea of resurrecting animals like the gastric brooding frog and the Tasmanian tiger. Archer, who is a paleontologist, feels as though there is a lot that scientists could learn from the gastric brooding frog, which was able to transform its stomach into a uterus.

Archer’s favorite extinct animal is the Tasmanian tiger, which was related to the Tasmanian devil family. Archer feels as though humans are responsible for the extinction of this interesting species. He discusses the cruel manner in which the world’s last Tasmanian tiger was treated. When the creature had died from exposure, those who had caged it simply threw its body in a dumpster. However, it is possible to try and revive this species by creating a Tasmanian devil hybrid.

Archer believes that people’s disregard for certain species contributes to their extinction. If people had cared for the Tasmanian tiger the way they care for dogs, they wouldn’t be extinct.