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Alex Gransbury's Essential Design Talk Lists Three Main Principals

 - May 28, 2014
References: youtube
Alex Gransbury discloses his ambitious dream -- ridding the world of junk -- in his essential design talk.

According to Gransbury, there are three main principals that distinguish between junk and commodious design. A product must be useful, must be used frequently, and must have a long lifespan. If a product doesn't adhere to all three of these principals, it will likely be considered "junk" at some point in the future. Unfortunately, junk finds more junk, and all junk ultimately ends up in the ground. Bad design is using our resources at unprecedented speeds, as well as creating an enormous environmental mess.

Gransbury's solution is simple: stop buying junk. Products are only created to fill a demand. If we heed the same design principals when considering purchasing a product (its use, consistency and longevity), then companies will be forced to improve their designs, eliminating our overall junk production.