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Saras Sarasvathy's Entrepreneurial Talk on Universal Ability

 - Aug 22, 2013
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Saras Sarasvathy talks about everyone's ability to become an entrepreneur in this interesting entrepreneurial talk. Sarasvathy says that she has become more and more convinced over time that everyone is capable of being an entrepreneur. There is no one type of person who starts a business or comes up with an idea.

Sarasvathy compares becoming an entrepreneur to science. Everyone can learn science, or learn to be more scientific. This also applies to ambitious people. Anyone can become an entrepreneur. In that respect, she also points out that not everybody will be an Einstein. Not every entrepreneur will reach Steve Jobs's levels of success.

Sarasvathy states that one can't be an entrepreneur without bringing ideas forward and trying to create. This is the only thing that really sets entrepreneurs aside from everybody else.