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Josette Sheeran’s Ending Hunger Keynote Discusses People’s Capacity t

 - Jun 16, 2013
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Current technologies offer the opportunity for developed countries the capability to eliminate world hunger according Josette Sheeran in this ending hunger keynote.

Hunger is a facet of human vulnerability that's been present in societies for decades. The destabilizing effects of hunger manifest in various forms. Ending world hunger is one of the most fundamental acts of preserving civilizations. Current technology offers the product in aiding to eliminate world hunger. The solution for the epidemic is readily available according to Sheeran. It's integral that the managerial process for ending hunger is also taken into account.

Current technologies have the capacity to alter the face of world starvation if developed countries allotted a portion of technological ingenuity in developing even more the effect of super foods. By transforming the model food aid, it can aid to develop a way to alter the means of providing.