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Judy MacDonald Johnston Dicusses Quality of Life in Her End of Life Keynote

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: goodendoflife & youtube
In her end of life keynote, Judy MacDonald Johnston discusses the taboo subject of death, and how paradoxically we can enjoy a higher quality of life by preparing for the end.

Beginning her presentation by asking the audience what a good end of life would be, Johnston goes on to talk about increasing our chances of dying well. Using an example from her personal life, Johnston tells the story of how she helped two friends achieve the end of life they wanted. Most Americans want to die at home, however 80% die in a hospital or nursing home. Simply wanting to die at home does not qualify as a plan. In order to prepare for a good end of life Johnston discusses five practices to help you achieve a quality end of life: make a plan, recruit advocates, be hospital-ready, choose caregivers and discuss last words.

Judy MacDonald Johnston's end of life keynote urges us to have a concrete plan in place regarding exactly how we want our lives to play out, so we can be happy and maintain a consistent quality throughout the entirety of our lives.