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The Eating Our Landscapes Keynote by Pam Warhurst Talks Communal Gardens

 - Aug 22, 2012
References: ted & youtube
The eating our landscapes keynote by Pam Warhurst shows what communities should do with land they do not use. Pam Warhurst describes how her team transformed unused land plots into vegetable gardens in their community.

Her team planted vegetable gardens in front of health centers, in people's gardens, the police station, cemeteries and invented a new type of event called vegetable tourism. The goal was to start a conversation to help people find news ways of living, and use the spaces around them differently.

The eating our landscapes keynote by Pam Warhurst shows that small actions are not meaningless, and they have tremendous power. Everyone has the ability to build a different and kinder future, and by converting unused land into gardens, anyone can start a revolution.