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The Doctors Make Mistakes Keynote Believes It is Wrong to Be in Denial

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Brian Goldman is an emergency room physician, and in this doctors make mistakes keynote he discusses how important it is for doctors to talk about their mistakes. Goldman expresses that this issue is rarely talked about in the medical field, but it is wrong for doctors to be in denial when it comes to making errors.

Learning from mistakes is the most effective way to improve, and Goldman emphasizes that doctors need to admit when they are wrong. Goldman reflects back to his days spent in medical school when he believed that by memorizing his textbooks he would be immune to making mistakes.

In the doctors make mistakes keynote Goldman reflects on his past experiences when he made mistakes, and admits when he was wrong. Human beings are not perfect, and Brian Goldman emphasizes the importance of having a system in which admitting to mistakes is rewarded.