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The Emily Hiers talk on diversity discusses why people should use language and our words to be...

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Emily Hiers's Diversity Talk on Using Language to Be Inclusive of Others

 - May 5, 2015
References: youtu.be
In her diversity talk, Emily Biers discusses how our words can be used to change the world. The speaker shares her personal experience with having a younger sister with an extremely rare developmental disorder that prevents her from speaking until the age of 8.

The diversity talk encourages people to stop using the word "retarded," because while her sister Lindsay might have something doctors once referred to as a mental retardation, the insulting word now means being stupid and dumb as well as being excluded. She challenges people to not to define people with intellectual disabilities by one aspect of their being, reducing them to nothing more than our differences. She asks that we adjust our language to show respect and embrace people for who they are. She believes we should use our words to understand, include and accept people who are different.