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David Anderegg's Discouraging Cliches Keynote Defends Innovators

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: drdavidanderegg & youtube
David Anderegg addresses the concern of anti intellectualism in his discouraging cliches keynote. In today's society, especially in the US, there is a rise in negative nerd and geek stereotypes. This harmful representation finds expression in such shows as Beauty and the Geek, a reality TV that portrays nerds as somewhat subhuman.

While America's most reliable exports are its cultural products, when those products endorse and popularize a regressive portrayal of people interested in technology and science, those cultural products become vessels for antagonistic attitudes.

In an age where technology is evolving at an incredible rate, it is the innovators interested in science that will shape the future. Impressions of nerds or geeks as people who are unsexy, interested in things that are boring and bullied by jocks is essentially discouraging those who can enact a positive change in the world.