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Joe Kutchera’s Digital Market Keynote Gives Insight Into Digital Spa

 - Jun 13, 2013
References: joekutchera & youtube
The means of optimizing the customer experience would and having a successful digital market is what Joe Kutchera discusses in this digital market keynote.

In order to be successful in the digital there are certain tactics that must be taken into account by companies and brands according to Kutchera in his digital market keynote. There are many factors in technology that can be used by companies to optimize for success in the digital market. The necessity for innovation and content production are just some of the factors needed in culminating for a successful brand.

Brands and companies need to be able to foster a community based from their consumers or audiences. Through this methodology brands and companies can gather invaluable ideas that can come directly from their consumers. By developing these user-generated communities, companies and brands can create a line of communication that’s integral in a company’s success.