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Rob Forbes Talks Local Style in This Difference of Perspective Speech

 - May 31, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Rob Forbes talks about the delight of coming across unintentionally beautiful design patterns in this difference of perspective speech.

Traveling around Europe, Forbes noticed that globalization has been making design look all the same. While at first this may seem like a disheartening reality, the truth of the matter is that a common design means a lot to people because it establishes a ground work.

The first job of design is to serve a social purpose. Often times, as demonstrated by Forbes' own experiences, when someone is set up to see design they can be disappointment. This kind of hype and let down is precisely what makes unintentional design pieces so compelling. A scaffolding next to a building can be as or even more intricate and beautiful as the building itself. The subtleties of local design reflect back the personalities and people of an area, they are inclusive and reflective of diversity.