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Peter Attia's Diabetic Diagnosis Speech Suggests Weight as a Symptom

 - Jun 25, 2013
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Doctor Peter Attia's diabetic diagnosis speech discusses obesity and diabetes, but suggests that weight gain might be a symptom rather than a cause. While being overweight has generally been linked to diabetes, Attia believes that heavy people who are diabetic may not be to blame for their condition.

In this speech Peter Attia discusses a patient he had in his youth as a doctor. His patient was diabetic and she needed an amputation. At the time of the incident, Attia explains that he felt contempt for this woman instead of sympathy because he believed that her weight was the reason for her misfortune. However, years later Attia began to rapidly gain weight despite his impeccable diet and exercise. He was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, which can often lead to diabetes. It was this experience that lead Attia to believe that there is more research to be done with regards to the cause of diabetes.