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This Design Process Keynote by Dave Wiscus Shows How Hardware is Now Software

 - Feb 16, 2013
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Dave Wiskus, a designer at Creative Offier Black Pixel, delivers a fascinating design process keynote with plenty of references to Apple to further illustrate his points.

He starts his speech by discussing the perception that design is just a matter of style, what something looks like and is often measured in terms of prettiness. Design is very hard though and it is typically the last thing to get done in the process. He states that design is an action and if you want to get better, you need a good understanding of design and how it creates the framework for how you will treat you consumers.

Once you understand the rules then you can break them; Apple is a company that really mastered this with its apps. It successfully transitioned iTunes from hardware to software. iTunes is now 'Music' on the iPhone. Similar to the concept of the phone and what it looks like (similar to the icon on the iPhone); hardly any person actually uses those phones anymore as they are now most likely only using mobile.

His design process keynote is both informative and engaging, and offers plenty of relevant examples with which people can relate and understand.