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Daylin Leach's American Democracy Speech Analyzes Gerrymandering

 - Oct 28, 2013
In his democracy speech, Daylin Leach explores ways both the Republican and Democratic parties are finding loopholes within the political system and taking away from American democracy.

One way this is happening is through the electoral system in place, where the percentage of votes are not accurately reflected within the number of congressional districts. He explains how the practice of gerrymandering prevents individual votes from making a difference and how it also makes the outcomes of an election completely predictable, short of a primary upset. This is where a Congress seat is challenged by a member of the same party who is likely more ideological than the incumbent. This is also eliminating moderate politicians in the United States.

A second way democracy is being decreased is through filibusters. Leach's democracy speech encourages American citizens to use their voice to demand more fair democratic voices through social media.