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David Puttnam Discuss Media Responsibility in His Democracy Keynote

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: davidputtnam & youtube
David Puttnam talks about the responsibility media has to society and to democracy as a whole in his democracy keynote. He describes the ever growing cynicism seen in tabloids, television and newspapers today. Puttnam argues for ‘duty of care’ on the part of media to promote and strengthen participatory democracy.

Puttnam’s democracy keynote expresses concerns about how both media and governing bodies must face the world as it is, with all ofs ills and issues. He talks about the disillusioned older generation and the younger generation that has become apathetic and obsessed with trivial things that are squeezing out active and informed debate and engagement in society. Puttnam is adamant that the media has disengaged citizens but can also, he argues, influence these disaffected generations positively and it is their job to do so.