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David R. Dow Speaks on Defending Death Row Inmates

 - Jul 8, 2012
References: law.uh.edu & youtube
After defending and watching many death row inmates be executed, David R. Dow, an attorney for their defense, has learned a lot about the American capital punishment system. His discussion of the legal system and how the process for death row inmates works is a fascinating look at the changes that have occurred in America.

What this keynote does not discuss is the morality of the death sentence: that's not the focus of David R. Dow. What is looked at is what can be stated with absolute fact: the way that the death penalty system in America is changing. David R. Dow on defending death row inmates is impressively astute and factual. The emotionally charged political issue has changed in the legal system and the way that lawmakers and lawyers are approaching it.

Whether these changes lead to the abolishment of capital punishment or not, what is certain is that it's a fascinating discussion that is ongoing.