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Dan Ariely discusses cheating in this deception understanding keynote

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: danariely & youtube
Cheating is something that is generally frowned upon in society, as discussed by Dan Ariely in this deception understanding keynote, it causes numerous problematic situations that society often dubs as unacceptable outcomes from dishonest acts.

To understand why people cheat numerous factors have to go into place in understanding it. Ariely states in his keynote, that people who cheat do it often, but only to a point where it's acceptable for the type of environment the cheaters have grown accustomed to. These people do a 'cost benefit analysis' of the situation to see if the cost outweighs the benefits of the situation. According to Ariely the factor of cheating varies from the group dynamic that person is involved in.

There's a level of cheating that people won't go over, which means that cheating still occurs, but only in low degrees where one's perception of one's cheating habits don't reflect negatively on the individual.