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David McCandless Explores the Power of Data Visualization

 - Feb 15, 2012
References: davidmccandless & youtu.be
David McCandless argues good graphic design is the solution to the overwhelming amount of complex data we are bombarded with daily. McCandless says that "data is the new soil" as it is a fertile, creative medium from which beautiful, simple data visualizations can be created. By visualizing complex information, one can sift through the clutter of data and, using our eyes, can sometimes recognize previously unseen patterns and connections.

David McCandless says that by combining the language of the eye, which is very sensitive to patterns and variation in color, and the language of the mind, which recognizes words, numbers and concepts, we can enrich our learning experience and communicate information better.

David McCandless also shows the ways in which data visualization can better appropriate absolute figures that don't provide the whole picture to a relative world, which affects our perspective.