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This Dave Meslin Speech Discourages Social Disengagement

 - Apr 23, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Rather than arguing against apathy, this Dave Meslin speech reveals that it's not that people don't care but rather that they live in a world that actively endorses social disengagement by putting up barriers.

The "community choreographer" illustrates how social disengagement is promoted through city hall, public space, the media, idea of heroes, political parties, our charitable status and elections. In all of these areas Dave Meslin demonstrates how participants are either discouraged or distracted from really getting involved in community projects and decisions.

In regards to the media, topics that are entertainment-related are provided with plenty of contact information and resources should the reader want to follow up on the issue as opposed to political articles which don't offer any such information.

The speaker closes his keynote by redefining apathy "not as some kind of internal syndrome, but a a complex web of culture barriers that reinforces disengagement."