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Daniel Burrus' Futurism Keynote Discusses Relevance and Rapid Change

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: youtube & burrus
Daniel Burrus is a technology futurist, and in this futurism keynote, he applies his knowledge to the business world. As a business strategist, he has helped many clients identitfy and take advantage of coming change. In addition to working with businesses, he has also founded and managed five companies.

Burrus speaks on the strategic approach to evolving technologies and cultural innovations. He argues that the future is, in fact, predictable when you know where and how to look. He calls this the 'visible future,' which will give any individual a personal and professional advantage. Anticipating coming changes is as simple as observing cycles. Burrus says that foresight allows you to view the science of cycles, based on facts and statistics.

Daniel Burrus urges companies to take advantage of expected change.