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This Dan Nocera Keynote Discusses Artificial Photosynthesis

 - May 9, 2012
References: nocera.mit.edu & youtube
In this Dan Nocera keynote, the MIT professor explains the research he has been doing regarding the vital role that artificial photosynthesis will play in the future of renewable energy.

According to data compiled by the speaker, the world is presently using approximately 12.8 terawatts of energy and will require a minimum of 30 terawatts by 2050 to meet the energy needs of its rapidly growing population. He explains that there is a energy deficiency of roughly 18 terawatts which needs to be fulfilled using clean energy sources.

Since the acquisition of that amount of renewable energy requires a tremendous amount of space which is unattainable using the Earth's current resources, the speaker argues in favor of creating a device device that can effectively harness the power of the sun. Splitting hydrogen and oxygen in water will be the most effective way to meet growing energy demands in the future.