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Tony Hsieh's Customer Service Keynote Emphasizes Repeat Transactions

 - Oct 18, 2012
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Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh discusses the online shopping community's unique approach to business in this customer service keynote. Unlike most brands that focus on maximizing each and every transaction, Zappos is motivated by the prospect of developing a lasting relationship and positive emotional connection with its customers.

A huge portion of the brand's sales come from repeat customers, who also end up spending more than first-time customers. Hsieh attributes this to the brand's free shipping both ways, its dedication to maximizing the number of phone calls with customers and its 365-day return policy.

Zappos will go so far as to give a customer the name of another company with a better deal if it means that it will create a "wow" moment for customers, because these moments bring them back. This customer service keynote offers insight into yet another company with success derived from putting the customer first.