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Kevin B. Jones' Curiosity Talk Explains the Trait's Importance

 - Jan 12, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Kevin B. Jones' curiosity talk looks at how that trait makes an impact on the sciences. Indeed, the fundamental construction of the scientific method is based on curiosity in a way. Broken down to its simplest form, the scientific method involves taking an observation and then making a prediction about how that observation comes to be. Essentially, that prediction amounts to curiosity.

Jones himself works as a surgeon on sarcoma patients, which are patients with a rare form of bone cancer. Since sarcoma is so rare, Jones preaches the importance of humility and curiosity in the community of surgeons, doctors, researchers, and even patients dealing with the disease. Rather than pridefully working solo to try and heroically make a patient better, Jones' espouses using the curiosity inherent in the scientific method to gain a better understanding of how to deliver treatments.