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This Cult of Apple Keynote by Dan Lyons Explores the Fascination

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: realdanlyons & youtu.be
Dan Lyons explores the fascination with one of the world's most successful brands in this cult of Apple keynote. According to Lyons, Jobs (as many people have said before) was not that nice of a guy, but the dark side of his personality was necessary for his brilliance. an employee once said that Jobs would make for a very great king of France.

Beyond Jobs himself, however, there is the cult of Apple. People all over the world have and continue to camp out to purchase an Apple product, despite the fact that there is no shortage. The brand has so much power that people want to be seen attached or associated with the brand.

The keynotes by Jobs, before his death, became somewhat of a ritual too. He would hold up the product, wearing his signature black turtleneck and invoking strong emotions in consumers. This cult of Apple keynote explores how the company has created so much more than a line of products.