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The keynotes by Teddy Cruz focus on urbanization, slums and analyzing and improving urban growth....

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Teddy Cruz Discusses Urban Spaces in His Urban Development Keynote

 - Feb 6, 2014
References: estudioteddycruz & youtube
Architect Teddy's Cruz's urban development keynote discusses the importance of culture in improving urban development and reducing the occurrence of slums in the developing world. Cruz compares the urbanization of Tijuana to that of San Diego and is specifically interested in how immigrants modify and alter the homogeneity of their neighborhoods into a more complex cultural and economic situation as one that conducts business out of a garage or builds illegal additions onto their house for extended family.

Curz's urban development keynote brings up the story of youth who organized and fought against the San Diego urban code and won the right to reclaim their space and build their own skate park. Cruz discusses how the notion of citizenship has less to do with belonging to a nation or a state than with the notion of citizenship as a creative to re-organize institutional protocols in the urban space.