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Ray Matsumiya's Cross Culture Community Keynote is Endearing

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: ume.org & youtube
In his cross culture community keynote, Ray Matsumiya talks about the need to embrace cultural connectedness rather than continue to have an abundance of civilizations clashing.

Helping to form the sister cities initiative between Tiznit and Somerville, Ray Matsumiya discusses the benefits that have resulted from this international union. Both cities have created working groups that have gone to their sister city in order to help improve and enrich the communities through volunteer and local involvement.

Artists and musicians all come back from these exchanges inspired by their experience which has gone on to impact their art in meaningful ways. Teachers and students all agree that the exchanges are mutually enlightening and powerful, enriching their overall perspective of the world.

Small initiatives like the sister cities program allows and encourages people to connect with different cultures. This interaction is mutually beneficial for it allows people to share different ideas, connect through experience and together create something wonderful.