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Frans Lanting's Creature Keynote Explores the Concept of Skin

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: youtube
Talented photographer Frans Lanting's creature keynote explores how we can use creative methods, like photography, to reconnect with our animal counterparts. Throughout his speech Lanting shares a powerful cave metaphor that illustrates how humans and animals are one and the same underneath their skins.

Lanting is a famous nature photographer that takes stunning still shots and close-ups of cougars, lions, frogs and crocodiles. Throughout his journeys Lanting encountered a tribal elder near Vancouver that told him a tale about the animal kingdom coming together to shed their skins in a nearby cave. Lanting expands on this metaphor of dropping one's skin to show how humans can reconnect with the animals around them. "As a photographer," he says, "I try to reach beyond the differences beyond our genetic makeup to appreciate all we have in common with every other living thing."