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Jay O'Callahan’s Creative Storytelling Keynote is Inspiring

 - May 29, 2014
References: ocallahan & vimeo
Sharing with the audience the power of storytelling, Jay O'Callahan shares his experiences and thoughts on creating stories for business and marketing purposes in his creative storytelling keynote.

In his talk, the veteran storyteller illustrates how stories are a very human and representative way for an ordinary person to have a voice that can be used for an extraordinary project, business, service or product.

Stories, O’Callahan argues in his creative storytelling keynote, are what make us alive and what help us to actually create something out of nothing. Using his work with NASA as a platform, O’Callahan explains that the only way to free our adult minds from being too literal and too critical is to tell a story and to make the listener experience it with you.